Improve Value

At Edit Value® talent, development and performance management builds on a high performance culture supported by differentiated rewards, both at the level of premiums and in terms of emotional pays.

Individual objectives are aligned with corporate and strategic objectives in order to solidify clear and challenging responsibilities for the whole team based on transparency so that people are aware of the impact that their work has on the company. The goals are mapped together and feedback is ensured at distinct times of the year to assure that all are aware of what is expected, what path to take, and what competencies to reinforce.

Anchored in a policy of open dialogue, everyone is encouraged to express their career goals and expectations, as well as the path that they understand to be adjusted to their professional development. Edit Value® is committed to driving a realistic career plan for each team member, enabling them to develop their competencies in the short and long term and equitably rewarding the effort undertaken.
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