Corporate Social Responsibility

Edit Value® establishes social responsibility as a strategic and fundamental dimension of management aiming at balancing its business objectives and relationships with all stakeholders. In this sense, it bases its action on a policy of commitment to the principles of respect for internationally recognized human rights, the legislation and norms applicable to its activity, the promotion of anti-corruption practices, preservation and respect for the environment, support for initiatives of a social nature that strengthen the proximity to the surrounding community and the defence of equal rights and opportunities, non-discrimination and freedom of choice and association.

Throughout our existence, we have developed a lasting relationship based on mutual trust, respect and sharing of these principles with our various economic agents, partners, customers, employees and suppliers. We engage in some local development activities, through the established relationship with one IPSS located in Braga and called “Oficinas de São José”, and, environmental education through the practices of recycling implemented.
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