Edit Value® group celebrates its 15th anniversary

Thanks to our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders, it is with great satisfaction that we look in retrospective the path we have taken since 2005 and the contributions, improvement and value added to the companies with whom we related.

Present in the last 15 years in the national market, Edit Value® has specialized in supporting the management of startups and small companies, integrating in its activity three key areas that complement and interact with each other: financial management; strategic management; and, human capital management.

Our solutions aim to support top management with critical information for decision making, highlighting the Integrated Management solution. This solution was designed to provide managers with constant and transversal support in business management, regardless of the size of the company.

Edit Value® has eagerly identified the specific needs of startups and small companies. Encouraging a new generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, aware of the importance of management for any business or activity, we develop solutions and services whose value proposition is differentiated by assertiveness, readiness and pragmatism. In this sense, we have developed several innovation projects aimed at improving models and creating technology/tools that provide greater effectiveness and efficiency.
In addition, we have participated in several international R&D projects that have contributed to the expansion of relevant knowledge for organizations. In order to be able to provide excellent services at competitive prices, we invest since the first day in knowledge and innovation. The development of the skills and critical spirit of our team, the openness to change, continuous innovation, technology and the improvement of tools and work models, make Edit Value® a reference in its area of ​​activity.

We are committed to ensure the best working conditions, health and well-being, providing a constructive and healthy environment, with policies that provide a better work-family balance, reinforce diversity and gender equality.

"We Transform Knowledge into Value” is our signature and one of the group's trademarks. We still believe that these words define everything we are!
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