In order to improve internal management in Edit Value®, it was established the need to merge in a single platform two of the most intensive used working tools: Time Manager 1.0 and Process Manager 1.0. The beta version was completed in the end of 2019 and it was implemented in Edit Value® Group following the 1st of January of 2020.

Now fully operational, it is intended that this new platform can undertake new features, such as human resources’ management, ongoing work planning and identification of the working phases whose process engineering can be revised as to provide a greater efficiency, among others, thus providing an integrated and more comprehensive management information (operational and strategic). At the same time, since it is continually evolving, it will also provide greater independence for each employee in the management of his or her own work, as they will have real-time information on the priority work and the expected time for it to be carried out.

All the information already provided by WorkValue is essential for setting monthly goals and measures that contribute to good management and customer satisfaction with the service provided by Edit Value®.
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